A few words about the eyelashes

Every woman dreams of having beautiful, long and thick eyelashes that add this amazing expression to our eyes. But it is true that nature does not give a lot of women beautiful eyelashes resembling curtains. In fact, the purpose of eyelashes is to protect the eye from the external environmental factors. And really, even thin and sparse eyelashes fulfil their role well. The human quest for perfection dictates different rules ...

Not many people know this, but on the upper lid we have only from 150 to 250 lashes. The bottom there are from 75 to 100 lashes. Certainly each of us perfectly sees that lashes inherent in the lower eyelid are much shorter than those we have in the upper eyelid. Lashes, in the case of most people, are the thinnest hairs on our bodies. Taking into account the number of hairs that fall out, it appears that all lashes we have are exchanged about once a year.

As it has been previously mentioned, the most important function of eyelashes is to protect the eye from any contamination that can get into the eye. What is more interesting, it is proved that the eyelashes play a role similar to the sensory hairs of mice and cats. Their task is to sense the object approaching the eye. Thanks to that, it can quickly send a pulse to close the eye. When eyelashes reach the age of about 90 days, they fall out and new ones grow in their place. The process of a new lash growing takes about 6 weeks.

Problems with eyelashes

In reality women are seldom happy with their eyelashes. Their thickness and density are genetically determined. Of course it can be freely adjusted using the appropriate treatments.

The biggest problem, however, and the most recurring one is the loss of eyelashes.
Normally it is a loss of 1 to 2 lashes per day. However, if you notice that you lose much more lashes, you should check what the reason is. Loss of entire clumps of eyelashes is a serious reason to visit a dermatologist who will try to find the cause of this situation.

In most cases the eyelashes start to fall out intensively because of vitamin deficiencies, poor nutrition is also a significant reason of the hair weakening. There are more reasons but usually we are dealing with one of the most common one, yet not difficult to cure. Most often it is enough to change the diet and the use of nutritional supplements aimed at nourishing lashes and stimulating the hair follicles to grow faster.

Ways of extending and inspissating eyelashes

Many women try to help the nature a bit and improve the health of their lashes. With modern techniques, this can be done quite easily and quickly. It is worth to become familiar with the course, however, and the possible side effects of treatments and cures of this kind.

Comparison of methods of eyelash extension

Method Results Dangers Price Application
Conditioner 30 days 92/100 39£ On your own
Stripes 1 day 79/100 +/-3£ On your own
Tuffet 1 day 68/100 99£ At the beautician’s
1:1 1 day 57/100 129£ At the beautician’s

Extending lashes using stripes

This method of eyelash extension is by far the fastest. It takes exactly few minutes, and you can also make yourself at home. Although this procedure is not expensive, you should know that its effects do not last long. It's a good solution, suitable for one night out. Before the procedure one should put the strip of eyelashes to the eyelids to see if its length is adequate. If it is too long, you should cut it. Then we put a little bit of adhesive tape and stick the strip to the natural lash line. Unfortunately, you should know that the effect obtained in the case of false eyelashes will not be too natural.

  • The strips of artificial eyelashes are cheap.
  • You can apply them yourself at home.


  • The effect is often too theatrical.
  • Eyelashes unglue very fast.

Extending eyelashes using tuffets

This method of eyelash extension offers better results than the previous method. In case of this method you should leave it to a professional who will use a suitable adhesive and stick clumps of false eyelashes to the natural lash line. The treatment does not take much time, and the effect is natural. It must be pointed out that in many cases this method may cause an allergic reaction induced by the adhesive.

  • This method offers natural results.
  • The procedure is not long.


  • The glue may cause allergic reaction.
  • The procedure is expensive.
  • The procedure must be repeated from time to time.

Extending eyelashes using 1:1 method

It is one of the most popular methods of eyelash extension. This method is mainly based on glueing single artificial eyelashes of any length to the natural ones. This allows us to extend the lashes. The advantage of this type of method is primarily a natural look, but when choosing eyelashes that are too long we can overdo it. The adhesive is placed on the eyelashes, and not on the lash line, and therefore it is much less likely that this method will cause allergic reactions. The procedure should be repeated approximately every 8 weeks, because the adhesive loses its effect.


  • More natural look.
  • Rarely causes allergic reaction.


  • The procedure must be repeated.
  • You cannot do it yourself at home.

Naturally beautiful lashes thanks to conditioners

Can you get the effect of beautiful eyelashes without the use of artificial methods of thickening or extension? Of course, as it has been mentioned earlier, our eyelashes can be stronger and healthier, only if they are properly nourished. So, instead of spending money on eyelash extension, you can purchase supplements that make our eyelashes long and thick.

Many supplements available on the market contain ingredients effectively strengthening the lashes and affecting their growth. Many of them also makes the eyelashes become darker. Natural extracts nourish the skin around the eyes, giving the eyes a deeper expression. Such supplements rarely cause allergies, and even if this is the case, the reason may be one component that is not present in any other nutrient. To maintain the effect of natural eyelashes it is worth using a conditioner every day for about 4 months. After the entire course of treatment, the conditioner can be used one or two times a week.


  • The effects are both long-lasting and natural.
  • Using such conditioners is beneficial for the skin around the eyes as well.


  • Some components of the conditioner may cause allergies.
  • You have to wait about 2-3 weeks for the effects.

The winner of our overview: NANOLASH – conditioner

For whom: There are no contraindications for use with the exception of pregnancy.
Did you know that: In the upper eyelid we have only 150 to 250 lashes, nanolash helps us keep the upper limit
Advantages: Does not cause allergic reactions, high quality for low price
Results: According to numerous women testing the product eyelashes become longer up to 25% and up to 85% denser.
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General evaluation: 10/10

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