Lash extensions will damage your natural lashes

by Luise

Lash ExtentionsUnfortunately, losing your own lashes is unavoidable and it will become your reality. For months, your lashes have to carry the weight of fake lashes. Usually, natural lashes fell out prematurely without completing their full life phase. There are many reasons behind this issue. Firstly, lashes become weak – not enough moisture and too heavy weight make them prone to breakage. Additionally, due to incorrect maintenance or negligence, lashes can be snagged on cotton towels, mascara wand or just pulled out. It is not rare that after taking the extensions off, we have hardly any natural lashes. There is simple way to avoid this stressing side effect. Use a good lash enhancer throughout the whole time you are wearing your extensions. Choose the lash serum very carefully – it has to oil-free and ideally applied on the lash line. Any product that has to be applied on the lashes themselves is not going to be effective and may unnecessary pull some extensions out. Many lash enhancers can give truly spectacular results when it comes to lash strengthening and lengthening. Nanolash Growth Serum is the product recommended by most dermatologists in the UK. It nourishes and hydrates lash follicles making them produce healthy and fat lashes that can easily carry the extra weight. Not many people realize that wearing lash extensions on the ongoing basis is not really a good idea. Lash technicians advise their customers use this treatment to ramp their lashes up only for special occasions. It is recommended not to wear extensions for more than a year. Your lashes need to have time to rest and to regenerate. Be good to your lashes and treat them in a special way.

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