Lash extensions are very expensive

by Luise

Lash ExtentionsIt can be true. The common sense tells us that there is no point saving money on lash extensions by going to the cheapest lash beautician. Often, the price is justified by the lash technician’s qualifications. The price of the treatment will vary and it depends on many factors. The 1:1 method is the cheapest, however if you decide on 3D, 6D or 9D lash extensions the cost may be multiplied. Another factor determining the price is the material the extensions are made of. The natural lashes: mink or silk ones are naturally more expensive than the synthetic lashes. The standard lash extensions can cost anything between £80-£100. The optimistic news is that each refill session is more affordable and it should cost no more than £50. On the condition that new lashes are maintained properly, you will have to visit the lash technician in three to four weeks’ time.

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